Welcome to “Je suis untold”. This blog is way past due but what you don’t know is that it’s my third blog and certainly my last…or not!
Je suis untold (“I am untold” ps. this is beginner level French) is owned and operated by Joanne Sanni a Nigerian currently living in Nigeria with dreams of stylishly exploring the world one experience at a time. The vision  for this blog is to deliberately showcase my love for all things that appeal to me including but not limited to fashion, beauty, food, travel, film and life’s journey in all its fabulousness.
I am driven by a strong desire to succeed and have fun while at it. When I am not carried away by fleeting things I am immersed in love for God, mankind and whatever I consider work at every given time.
Essentially I am a 5 year old girl in life’s candy store living in the body of an adult who is constantly seeking new ways to discover and rediscover herself in a constantly changing world. 

Journey with me!


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